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Monday, 12 March 2012 12:19

Rocketship Tours

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Rocketship Tours plans to send you into space in a two-seat Lynx vehicle which takes off horizontally (like a conventional jet airplane) from a runway with a powerful ascent reaching Mach 2 on its way to 200,000 feet. Participants in the program will travel to the edge of space in a suborbital space vehicle that is powered by environmentally friendly rocket engines. The RocketShip Tours experience calls for just a single passenger on each flight who will actually sit in the co-pilot's seat beside the astronaut-pilot flying the ship. Drawing on his expansive knowledge of the travel industry, Jules Klar of Rocketship Tours, has joined together with XCOR Aerospace, and put together a package that includes screening, training and what promises to be a life-changing experience in suborbital space.


With Rocketship, when the day for your hour-long odyssey arrives, you'll don a pressurized spacesuit and helmet and climb into a two-seat space vehicle called Lynx (you get to fly shotgun with the pilot), which will take off "with a powerful ascent reaching Mach 2 on its way to 200,000 feet,'' or nearly 40 miles up, according to the company.

The total cost of the Lynx flight experience is $95,000. This includes a five night stay at Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa in Arizona during training and preparation, medical evaluation and screening, the cancellation insurance policy, and of course the Lynx flight itself, which promises to be the greatest ride off Earth. A deposit of $20,000 begins the process of assigning the participant to the training and qualification program.

Chief Test Pilot for XCOR Aerospace and Lynx, Col. Rick Searfoss (USAF Ret.) is among America's most popular and highly qualified astronauts. A fighter pilot, test pilot and astronaut, Col. Searfoss is one of only seven people with more than 50 flights in rocket powered vehicles.

His first space flight in 1993 set the record for the longest duration Space Shuttle mission. Early RocketShip Tours participants will have the privilege and distinction of personally reaching the edge of space in the co-pilot seat next to Col. Searfoss.

RocketShip Tours is located in Phoenix, Arizona . For more information call your Travel Professional at Lake Zurich Travel & Cruise.